Understanding The Advantages Of VPS Hosting For UK eCommerce Websites

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Since fast website performance is a top priority for eCommerce sites, choosing the right type of hosting is essential. A Shared hosting service may be ideal for a small business. But, for online stores, more is due to the high volume of traffic they usually generate. 

Choosing VPS hosting over Shared hosting can provide many advantages even for a start-up eCommerce site. What are these advantages? Let’s look below at some benefits of VPS hosting for UK eCommerce websites.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This type of hosting is similar to Shared hosting, i.e., it uses a single server. However, unlike Shared hosting, VPS hosting divides the single server into multiple private servers using virtualisation technology. 

Each private server has dedicated resources – memory, disk space, bandwidth, and CPU cores – allocated to a single user (business). In short, VPS hosting in the UK is an ideal choice for eCommerce sites that want the benefits of a dedicated server at a cost-effective price.

Advantages Of VPS Hosting For UK eCommerce Websites

If your current hosting plan is insufficient to run your website, upgrading to a VPS plan can help. Since this hosting is a midpoint between Shared and dedicated hosting, you can be assured of guaranteed resources in a fast and stable environment. 

Higher Security

Since you share a single server with multiple users in Shared hosting, there is a high risk of data theft and hack attempts. Even if a single website on the server is affected by malware or a virus, it could compromise the data of all the websites on the server. 

In contrast, with VPS hosting, you can be assured of high security, which is essential for eCommerce websites as apart from customer information, they also accept payments online. 

VPS hosting uses top-notch security tools such as firewalls, malware protection, and spam filters. 

Also, virtualisation technology isolates your data from other users on the same server. This provides additional security compared to a shared server. 

Guaranteed Resources

Since each server in VPS hosting is isolated and independent from the other, you can be assured of guaranteed resources. This includes CPU, space, RAM, and bandwidth. With dedicated resources, you can also be assured that your site functions optimally.

Increased Speed and Performance

To decrease the bounce rate on your eCommerce store, you need to ensure your web pages render blazing fast, and this can be accomplished by using the best VPS hosting in the UK. In Shared hosting, your site’s performance can be affected if another user (website) on the server uses more resources. In worst cases, it could also lead to downtime due to high traffic surges on another website.

To avoid this, use a VPS hosting service to run your website optimally. This type of hosting can help improve your website’s speed and performance, which can help enhance user experience. A faster website can also help decrease abandoned cart rates.

Root Access

One of the top advantages of VPS hosting for UK eCommerce websites is full root access. With this access, you can do anything on your server and access all files. 

Root access gives you system admin rights and complete control over your website and server. You can change the server configurations, add additional security software, or even optimise the server to ensure it delivers enhanced performance. 

Also, if you don’t use a particular service/software on your website, you can uninstall the same. This will provide you with more space to download and run software that your site needs.

Website Backup

Along with higher website security, VPS hosting also provides website backup and restore options. Some shared hosting plans may not offer a backup feature, which could leave your website vulnerable to data theft or hacking. However, VPS hosting ensures that your site’s data and files are backed up regularly.

It provides robust backup systems to help you transfer all your data and files from your primary server to a more secure VPS environment. This can be highly beneficial if your website crashes or is hacked.


If you want to improve your eCommerce site’s performance and increase its security and reliability, consider switching to a VPS hosting plan. 

With the VPS hosting plan, you get full root access to customise the server. It also provides dedicated resources that can help optimise your site’s functionality. 

Furthermore, it offers many benefits, such as website backup and additional security layers, among others. 

These are a few notable advantages of VPS hosting for UK eCommerce websites. Additionally, VPS hosting is an economical option if you don’t want to purchase a dedicated server for your online store.

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